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Their Journey: On Earth to Heaven

Alade is now a new man in character and full of love for his young, beautiful, and ambitious wife. He strives to gain back the right standing with his wife. He is no longer the sly old serpent chasing women with apples and breaking promises. How can he achieve changing the wrong notions held about him? How long is it going to take to continue trying to rectify the damage done in his past and on their wedding night? Is.....

Turning the Clock Hands Backwards or Anthem

This is a story about great inspiration and seemingly impossible achievement, captured first in dreams and finally transported into real life. What made Vivian’s lofty dreams and wishful thinking of the impossible finally become real, after 10 years or more of just dreaming of ideas and wishing things? Find out!

The Crown: The Crown and the Robe

The Crown is a historical fiction written in memory of a students’ riot that actually took place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, in 1987. The Crown portrays the story of two major characters, the principal and a teacher, who try to do their assigned roles to the best of their ability, but despite their struggles and successes, they will realize that certain responsibilities such as theirs can be full of trouble and danger. The Robe is the story of Brian, who.....

Stories for Older Generations: Stories from 40 Years Ago

Stories for Older Generations are a collection of the experiences of some young African adults at different seasons of life 40 years ago. Some of these experiences cover aspects of lust, friendship, relationships, reflection, love, family, adventure, regret and freedom. Present and future generations will read these stories and wonder and marvel about how life was in Africa then as compared to how it is in modern times.

Stories for Younger Generations

Stories for Younger Generations is a collection of stories about children of different backgrounds, upbringing, and religion, which reflect the Nigerian culture, children upbringing, and the concept of discipline in education about forty years ago. There are also some short animal stories as they would be told to children in Nigeria during that era.

The Confession: Who Will You Confess To? Man or God?

The Confession is a satirical novel. It is the story of four young married couples from different Christian denominations. They face temptations of the flesh and reap the consequences.  Their individual attempts to place their hearts right with God and how they went about it is the central theme of the story.